Understanding CSST and Lightning

CSST Lightning Safety

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, each part of the country experiences a different rate of lightning strike occurrences, known as the “flash density rate.” To the left is a map from the National Lightning Detection Network showing a five year average of lightning density across the United States. The red areas are the highest density areas, and the grey areas are the lowest density areas. But any locale can experience lightning anytime if certain conditions prevail.

Lightning’s behavior is 100% random and unpredictable. The best defense is to recognize (be aware of) the unsafe situation and take appropriate safety measures.

CSST piping provides electrical protection that addresses factors related to:

20 Years of Safety

As the only gas piping technology approved by ANSI and other national standards, Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) has been installed in millions of homes with an outstanding safety record.