Benefits of CounterStrike

No other CSST product comes close to CounterStrike’s safety and performance record.  Independent, scientific testing shows that CounterStrike is technologically superior to any other product on the market because it is flexible, has fewer joints and less prone to leaks, corrosion and breaks.  Introduced in 2004 and sold exclusively in the U.S. since 2011, over 120 million feet of CounterStrike has been safely installed in homes and buildings.

This cutting edge product, which is the preferred choice of builders, contractors and other trade professionals, reflects OmegaFlex’s unwavering commitment to safety and innovation.  The Company’s focus on R&D and technological advancement led it to develop CounterStrike, its next generation CSST line, making the best product even better.

CounterStrike is the only product to solve the problem of lightning damage to gas piping systems.  It disperses electrical energy arcing to the CSST through an electrically conductive jacket.  This patented innovation was a first in the industry, and CounterStrike is now the preferred solution for professionals.

Successful testing of CounterStrike at lightning laboratory