CounterStrike® CSST Solves the Lightning Problem

CounterStrike CSST was developed at a leading lightning laboratory in Pittsfield Massachusetts.  Initially, two concepts were tested, an insulating jacket and a conductive jacket.

Having a thick plastic jacket outside the CSST that would act as an insulator against electrical arcing and protect the inner stainless steel tubing.  When this approach was tried, the researchers found that the electricity would skip along the jacket and dive into the CSST at a bare spot at the connection.

The alternative approach was to make a conductive jacket that would absorb and disperse the electrical energy from an electrical arc along the larger surface of the jacket.  That would prevent the electricity from focusing the arc on one spot on the CSST causing a hole.  These tests were successful and demonstrated that this approach would work.  CounterStrike CSST was first introduced in 2004 in Frisco Texas, which had severe lightning issues, and was distributed nationally.

In 2007, an improved version of CounterStrike was introduced that had improved arc-resistance capabilities.  Through laboratory testing and simulations, it was estimated that CounterStrike CSST was significantly better able to resist damage from electrical arcing than a bonded TracPipe system.  Because of the confusion in the building codes and the uneven enforcement of the bonding requirement, and because of the demonstrated track record of CounterStrike in the field, in 2011 OmegaFlex transitioned its entire CSST business in the United States to CounterStrike.  Over 125 million feet of CounterStrike has been safely installed in homes and buildings across the United States.  That move demonstrated OmegaFlex’s unwavering commitment to safety and innovation, even while competitors attempted to sway contractors with lower priced traditional yellow CSST.

CounterStrike is the first product to solve the problem of lightning damage to gas piping systems.  It was tested in the lab and proven in the field.  Read the test reports that prove the success of the CounterStrike CSST.  Not only that – CounterStrike has been proven in the field.  In Florida and in Texas, at least two houses were directly struck by lightning with no damage to the CounterStrike CSST installed in the home.  Read the field inspection report.   CounterStrike’s patented innovation was a first in the industry, and CounterStrike is now the preferred solution for professionals.

No other CSST product comes close to CounterStrike’s safety and performance record.